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July 2016
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Back on 2001, a series called How It’s Made premiered in Canada and the USA.  Slowly but surely it’s popularity snowballed.  Likewise, slowly but surely, interest in automation processes peaked.  Indeed, once the connection between automation and our day to day lives becomes tangible, it’s difficult not to become fascinated and mesmerized by the processes involved.  Throughout the weeks to come we’ll aim to share some of our favourite snippets with you, beginning first with the humble pencil.

Some interesting pencil facts ~
  • Over 14 billion pencils are thought to be used around the world each year
  • Graphite was first discovered in Keswick in the UK in the 1500s
  • Italians were the first to encase graphite sticks in wooden cases
  • An average sized tree can make up to 170,000 pencils
  • Pencils can write in space and also underwater
  • Steinbeck and Hemingway both wrote their books in pencil
  • Before the invention of erasers, people used breadcrumbs to rub away mistakes
  • The largest pencil in the world lives in New York, check out the video below ~