The 2M team combines a unique mix of expertise, combining engineering academia and research with tried and tested solutions delivered within the industry.

We are all specialists within the field and we work together to combine our experience and creativity to deliver market leading, pioneering results for clients.

Mosi & Mulemba launched 2M in April 2003, with Sahar joining them later on that same year.┬áHaving worked together since the inception of 2M, they’re dedicated to the success of the business and going the extra mile on projects.

The permanent workshop opened in September 2016, with Control Cabinet Designers and Builders for each product run.

Ben joined in 2018 as our in-house graduate software developer.

Chris joined in 2017 as an electrical designer.

All 2M customers will meet and work with all of the team. Find out about our expert team, view their profiles.