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January 2018
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From improving testing kits, to bettering care for hypo attacks, we’ve been managing diabetes for a long time.  We’re now looking towards prevention and reversal ~ and the method for reversing type-2 diabetes is much simpler than you may imagine.

Below is a walk through from a manufacturer who deals with the production of diabetes test strips from beginning to end.  This is a multi layered process for a multi layered product involving gold, laser cutting, and an imperative vision system.

Our upcoming project profile will be about our control system development on a test strip machine here in the UK, where working with costly raw materials in the medical field demands a high level of accuracy to minimize waste and ensure quality standards.

Diabetes UK illustrates below the prevalence of, and risks for, diabetes sufferers in our hospitals ~ highlighting the need for bespoke individual approaches to care and safeguarding.  In an age of increasing diabetes diagnosis, from enabling clients to accurately monitor their levels conveniently themselves, to improving hospital infrastructure, as with most things ~ a holistic approach is beneficial.

Working alongside this is an awareness of new trends, particularly among young females with type 1 diabetes, of abstaining from insulin in order to lose weight.  In real terms, managing diabetes wholeheartedly requires a close ear to information being collated by youth services as well as securing the funding required for ongoing youth services.

1 in 5 diabetes inpatients have a hypo attack in hospital ~ how come?

Last but certainly not least, join Dr Sarah Hallberg for 18 minutes capable of creating profound change.  Consistently exceeding national benchmarks for weight loss in the USA without surgical interference, and using years of experience in obesity research, she’s been highly successful in reversing diabetes and other metabolic diseases.

“Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.”