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July 2017
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If robots and their human owners have set their sights on running hotels, then humans need to become even more human to make themselves irreplaceable.

The social and interpersonal impact of technology shouldn’t be taken lightly, and as with most things the recommendation of moderation is a sound one.

Some days though, the self service aisle at the supermarket is more appealing.  This notion is now entering the world of art, cuisine, and various facets of the service industry.

We believe that nothing replaces the human touch, however pieces like this are interesting experiences which at the very least highlight the value of human interaction by presenting a polar opposite alternative.

Perhaps one outcome of robot facilitated service experiences will be the revaluing and reprising of the human experience.

Robot Art ~
Robot Barber ~

As we begin to internalize the technological kingdoms we have built,
as we progressively become more superhuman, what will differentiate us from machinery?

Robot Chef ~
Robot Hotel ~

I personally set up my first email account at the age of 18.  It’s a matter of time before an 18 month old toddler tries swiping my face to alter the interface ~ better luck next time kids!

Our minds and our reflexes are changing.  The technological advances of the past 20 years are breathtaking and mind-boggling.

As with any habit or dependency, it takes time to figure things out.  There’s often a full flux before reconsideration of our approach.

It’s exciting to think that, hopefully in the next 20 years, the fusion of technology and physical and emotional well-being will be optimized as we re-asses and re-align our goals.