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November 2019

Aqua Power

Here’s an insight into one of our environmentally conscious clients and another glimpse into how we aim to assist and embrace green endeavours.

March 2019

Product Upgrade

The best thing about being able to continually upgrade a flexible and expandable control system is that you get to maintain the machine raw materials without scrapping or waste.

July 2018

Wood It Be Magic!

The breathtaking (or should that be, breath-giving) magic of trees & automation’s role in saving our forests

January 2018

Searching For Sugar

Our next project profile will be for our part in a diabetes test strip process.

January 2018

No Yoko

Walking the line between technology and humanity ~ and aspiring to maintain the intimate edge.

September 2017

An Apple A Day…

An apple a day keeps the doctor away* (*when you clean it thoroughly of wax and pesticides)

July 2017

Imagination is the highest kite you can fly

Turning play into power? Who’d have thought it! Beginning with a test phase on land, the aim is to take these kites to the sea in time.

January 2017

Single, Double, on the Rocks? How do you take your denim?

Jeans and a t-shirt may be the classic casual ensemble, take a look at the effort it takes to keep us looking effortless.

September 2016

Ruler of the 7 Toy Kingdoms

A derivative of the phrase “play well” in Danish, Lego certainly has shaped us along the way.

June 2016

Flexographic Rainbows

A smart modular add on enabling spectacular embossed printing.