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November 2019

Mother’s Hope

Hope rises from Uganda and the University of Makerere where a biomedical jacket aims to change the game for poor and rural communities with doctor shortages.

August 2019

Rain Room Korea

The Korean Rain Room launches this summer at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Busan, South Korea.

July 2019

The Hole

Transitioning from oil & gas to household waste – solutions continually and progressively improving.

March 2019

Plastic Pac-Man

A friendly lab mutation may be set to binge eat where it matters the most ~ on all our plastic!

July 2017

The Quiet Type

Reflecting on how the idea of personal space has spread from our physical world to our cognitive world to our emotional world.

June 2017

Pint-sized Uprisings

Political activism at the pub? Yes it’s possible. Join us for a road trip of a different kind. *Hiccup*

December 2016

Job Vacancy for a Bright Spark

Are you hoping to join us for the next round of cutting edge installations and developments?

October 2016

Back To The Future

Adding data acquisition functionality to an educational process demonstrator.

April 2016

New Cladding Control System with TPS

From data logging to diagnostics, twin tables to sector welding

June 2015

Research & Development of Equality & Power

Benefits for industry shouldn’t mean sacrifice for the general public. Ethical solutions balance the needs of clients and future generations.