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September 2016
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Bridging the gap between generations

We’ve all played with them – we’ve all stepped on them!  These memorable and colourful building blocks are a gateway to childhood memories.  Billions of pieces are created each year in Denmark, with an automated process that involves many chambers along the process chain.

The continued popularity of Lego isn’t least due to its ability to cross generational gaps.  Indeed, with advances in technology, the kits available today include all levels of complexity and problem solving.

Some interesting Lego facts ~
  • The word Lego is made up of Danish words “Leg” and “Godt”, which mean “play well”
  • Using 3.3 million bricks, James May made a full size house made completely of Lego in 2009, including a working shower and toilet
  • In 1958 Lego introduced its universal system, meaning a brick from 1958 will interlock with a brick from today
  • 12-year-old Shubham Banerjee used a $350 Lego set to make a braille printer, his prototype a fraction of the retail price at $2,000
  • With 5,922 pieces, the Taj Mahal set is the largest commercial Lego set on the market 

We’ll end for now with this fantastic collation by Be Amazed.  Running down from 10 to the number 1 slot, it’s a glorious visual demonstration of the versatility Lego has gained with the helping hand of innovating programmers – creating things like Lego Pneumatic, Lego Technic and the Lego Mindstorms.